Don’t Blindly Accept Everything

My little guy just started to crawl.  With that mobility came the request from my wife to get the locks on the dangerous cabinets in the house.  I immediately put two locks on the cleaning products in the kitchen, and learned it was time for me to get trained too.  Every time I reach for those, now locked, cabinets I don’t remember they are locked until I pull and they don’t open.  Over time I eventually realize that before I even reach for the cabinet door I have to grab “the key”.  Now it comes without thought:  grab the key first, unlock the door, and then pull the handle.
The locks are actually magnetic.  The key when swiped on the outside of the door pulls the lock back and allows for the door to open.  When the magnetic key is properly passed over the lock, a distinctive “click” is heard, announcing the door is unlocked.  If you don’t hear the click, then you know the magnet didn’t release.   Sometimes we have to repetitively swipe the key over the door until we hear the click; there is no visual way to know the lock disengaged.  Or so I thought.
As my son’s mobility AND speed improved, I got more locks on the other cabinets.  I became so “trained” that before I even touch a cabinet I grab the key and swipe the door to unlock it.  I continue to swipe until I hear the click. 
After weeks of training, I was locked into the way to open my cabinets.  Last night I grabbed my key to go open a cabinet.  I swiped and swiped and swiped the key but the lock would just not release.  Here I am sitting on the floor stumped.  I tested all these locks when I installed them to make sure they recognized the magnetic key.  I just could not figure out how to get these two cabinets open.  Then, “Eureka!”  I realized I didn’t in fact check these two cabinets to see if the key would work, THAT is why
they don’t open now.  It turns out; I never even put a lock on these two doors.  I was waiting for a click that was never going to come.  I put the key away, reached down, pulled open the door, got what I needed and walked away.
Then I thought…..I just blindly accepted that every “door” in
the kitchen was locked.  Heck, I trained myself to think every door was locked.  How many other things am I blindly accepting in life?  What if I just tried to open “that door”?  What if I just asked “the question” instead of being too afraid to ask?  What if I made that phone call?  What if I shared the feedback I was worried about sharing?  Sometimes, I think, I need a kick in the pants to remind me to think and act.  This time I kicked myself in the pants with that silly act trying to unlock a door that was not locked.  Next time you see me, feel free to remind me….”Matt pull on the door, its not locked!”

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