Growing up as one of 17 siblings under one roof and with two referees had many positive and negatives…or so I thought (on the negative side).  Often growing up, one of my parents would compare one of us to someone else in the household or worse, to some “perfect person” that we as kids could never live up to. 

The day I knocked my brother off the top bunk bed while wrestling to see who would “get the top” was a classic example.  After confirming my little brother was still alive and had nothing broken, my mom would classically say, “Why can’t you behave like your older brothers? Or be little saints once in a while?”

The one thing in life I disliked tremendously was being compared to someone else.  I was my own person right, not like anyone in the world.  Being compared rubbed me the wrong way for years.  Until I learned that the only way to know if I am living up to my potential is to use comparison all the time.   I could not just use any comparison though; I must use the best as the benchmark. 

I will never be a saint but if I keep comparing myself to the best then I can identify areas to get better in.  If I set my sights low and compare myself to the worst then I will always be better.  Right?  If I do what the world champions do and compare myself to the best, then I know constant improvement is available, literally constantly.

I wish I would have realized that sooner.

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