Spin Control

I walked into “it”, and I was told that I should blog about myself…teach myself to think!  I agree.

As I walked into the office, my coworker said, “Did you get a haircut?  It looks good.”  I replied with, “I haven’t had a haircut in months, this is the longest its ever been.”  He went on to say, “well it looks like you did something because it looks good.”  I said, “yeah, I combed it today so yesterday I must have looked really bad.”  Because I was so wrapped up in my own view of “how long and disheveled I was” that I missed the compliment. 

What a miss!!

I certainly didn’t miss my foot as it rocketed to my mouth.  Precision motion control…that is what I do!  Foot to the mouth in .25 milliseconds…priceless.

Thanks for helping me to see gentlemen!

Made me think how often the comments are meant as goodness, but my own internal “spin” can mess up that goodness offered.  How many times I have I done that….really?  Too many!

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