Watch Your Language!

It is playoff time and the intensity of every pitch can be felt up in the stands.  Each coach is trying to keep the players on the field fully alert.  My daughter was playing 2nd base during the 4th inning of a close game.  Every infielder’s eyes seemed to be glued to the pitcher’s hand to watch the ball into the catcher’s glove, or if hit to watch it come into their own glove.  My daughter’s softball coach yelled to my daughter, “Heads up Gabbie, we have a hitter here”. My daughter didn’t respond she just stayed focused on the pitch and the possible coming ball. The coach yelled it again, “Heads up Gabbie”.  After the foul tip by the batter, I could see that Gabbie relaxed a bit as she waited for the next pitch.  Again, the coach calls out, “Heads up!”  Gabbie now seemed to be a bit annoyed.  She turned to the coach, who happens to be her grandma, and said, “My head is up!”  After the top of the inning was complete, Gabbie walked over to us on the sidelines and asked, “Why does grandma keep telling me to keep my head up? My head was up.”

Does your team know the meaning of the words you use? 

How do you know?

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