Are There Things You Can’t Tell People?

     There are members of my household that hate all kinds of crawling, slithering, and climbing “bugs”.  I am typically called for at the top of my kid’s or wife’s lungs anytime one of these creepy, crawly “things” comes visiting our house.  The number of times that I had to exterminate a creature at their request has escaped me long ago.  The reaction though is now known, I can tell when a creature enters the house and they see it just by the way they call me.  Sometimes I play with the situation.  Wadding up a tissue in my hand so they can not see it, I will squash a spider with “my bare hands” and they get grossed out.  Where, in fact, the wadded up tissue squashed the spider, not my bare hand.
     Sometimes the most gigantic, hairyest, and most vicious
looking creature that they scream for help about is a simple house fly.  A fly that they thought was a much bigger wolf spider, but it is typically not so.   Knowing how they will respond, its not worth getting them all in a tizzy when I see a creature….I just go quietly deal with it. 
     Then I got to thinking, it makes my life easier to deal with if I just don’t tell them all the creatures they missed out on.  I stopped telling them about:

  • the slug a found climbing into my daugter’s boot
  • the spider in my wife’s shoe
  • the snake crawling across the garage floor

     If I told them about any of these, then I would have to deal with a very dramatic scene.  Sometimes it can be difficult to share the full story. 
     That led me to think about “what else in life do I avoid sharing to avoid the reaction or the result of our action?” 

Things like:

  • Did I ever not tell someone they had something on their teeth or toilet paper on their shoe to avoid the embarassment?
  • Did I ever avoid giving feedback that really needed to be shared, because the reaction could be bad?
  • Did I ever hold back information because I thought it was best for the other person?

What else have I avoided when the outcome would have changed if I spoke up?
How about you?

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