Good and Bad

When I was a kid, I could run circles around other soccer players.  Many told me I must have had a ball on my foot from the moment I was born.  I could juggle the ball without using my hands or touching the ground for thousands of hits.  Traveling the country on select and premier teams, I played against the best and thought I was the best.  Until, I played against players who had a soccer ball in the womb.  Once I started playing against players from England, Canada, and South Africa I quickly realized I was not good at all. 
I was good against a few, but against the many I was not.  Every time I got beat I began to think about that comparison.  I might be good, but compared to what?

I have learned that I can be great, good, and bad all at the same time, depending on who I am comparing myself too.  I will never reach the best until I start comparing myself to the best, recognizing my shortfalls, and working to improve.

Who are you comparing yourself too and what are you doing about it?

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