JFK and the Road Home

All the hype about JFK airport’s hustle and bustle is not true.  I found it no where near as busy as people claim it to be.  I found it rather barren and desolate albeit it was only 5am after landing on the red eye just moments before.  The amazing part was that although I had the ability to walk the entire airport unobstructed of passengers, bags, and carts; and get to any location I wanted inside the airport I could not find the one thing I needed.  Having walked from end to end a few times, and after checking every monitor along the way, I could not find my connecting information.  You would think an airport would want its passengers to know where to go so that they can ultimately reach their final destination.  Walking the concourse multiple times, the thought began to occur to me that my final destination was going to be JFK airport.
     A funny thing happened at that point; I found an elusive creature
inside the walls of JFK.  Being one who just covered the entire floor plan of JFK on foot and seeing virtually no life, I was not sure if I should be shocked at finding this creature or shocked that there was only one to be found.  After walking for 45 minutes I finally found an
airline representative, actually a baggage handler who happened to come in to warm up from outside on the ramp.  With one simple question, I found the bit of information that I needed to escape the city.  With one little question my problem was solved.  And to think I was hesitant to ask because, “he wouldn’t know the answer to my question; he was just a “baggage handler”“.  Well, that baggage handler saved my bacon, made my day, and provided a lesson:

  • Be willing to ask questions, even from sources you think won’t have the answer.
  • Be open to any answer that is provided, the new direction could lead you home.
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