Are You an L3?

    For as much as we know, there is even more that we do not know or understand.  In this world there is a pretty clear line, based on an
individual’s behaviors and thoughts, between those that are making things happen,  and those that are not.  This blog post is going to focus on JUST one of those things that we can change to possibly get on the right side of the line.  It starts with a question, “are you an L3?”

     Understanding that we do not know everything is not as common as you might think.  The human being does not easily admit when they do not know.   The concept of “not knowing” leads one to feel dishonor or a lack of intelligence among peers, when in fact; admitting that one does not know is the first step to knowing.  This is one of the clear distinctions I suggested earlier, those that are making things happen know they do not know, and as a result expend quite a bit of effort to learn, research, listen to others and ask questions themselves.  That admission of lack of knowledge, allows the individual to drop the pretense of having to be a
know it all, and allows for pursuit of knowledge.  One who thinks they know it all will not pursue knowledge and lock themselves into a stale state.

     Almost half the adult population of the US will not pick up a book
this year.  Reading is not the sole way to learn, however it does open up the mind to new ideas, new thoughts, and new views….which leads to new ideas.  Reading does take discipline and it represents a significant behavior that those that are making things happen possess.  Plus reading across topics, industries, fields of expertise is a significant way to combine ideas, innovate and create.

  People who are L3 do this regularly.  I am guessing by now that you are puzzled as to what is an L3.  When you didn’t know at the beginning, did you get frustrated and give up, or did you have a desire to learn what it means?  The answer:  it is a “Life Long Learner”.

     Life Long Learners:

-Are naturally curious
-Read broadly
-Read specifically
-Ask questions and Listen to Answers
-Are open to ideas (really)
     “Are you an L3?”

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